WATCH: Spill Voices Call for Stronger Oil Spill Response

Learn from the experts—the people who live with the consequences of the EPA’s decisions. Panelists will share concerns, successes with citizens’ oversight, and key recommendations for the EPA rulemaking. Panelists include:
√ Emily Harris, MPH, survivor of the Exxon Pegasus tar sands spill in Mayflower, Arkansas;
√ Lyman Welch, with Alliance for the Great Lakes;
√ Michelle BarlondSmith, survivor of the Enbridge tar sands spill in Battle Creek, Michigan;
√ Jonathan Smith, with Earthjustice;
√ Kimberly McCuiston, survivor of the BP DWH disaster
√ Nikos Pastos, with the Alaska Inter-Tribal Coalition;
√ Joe Banta, with the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, Exxon Valdez oil spill survivor; and
√ ALERT director Riki Ott, Exxon Valdez oil spill survivor.