ALERT develops environmental justice leadership by working collaboratively to reduce toxic exposures from oil-chemical activities in at-risk communities. Our scientific-based educational tools are accessible and replicable, and our peer-led trainings are engaging.

Toxic Trespass Training

TOXIC TRESPASS: Addressing health concerns with Oil-Chemical activities is a teaching tool created by and for people most at risk of toxic exposures. Participants will learn to: 1) identify types of Oil-Chemical hazards in the environment and how exposures occur; 2) explain how these exposures affect health; and 3) recognize Oil-Chemical exposure symptoms and be able to describe them to a doctor or health care provider. Interactive trainings take four hours and are accessible for high school to adult. Prospective trainers will receive a Trainer’s Manual and power point presentation for their use, and a Learning Guide to share at community events. Materials available in English; Spanish and Vietnamese manuals coming soon.

Trainer’s Manual
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Information for you and your Health Care Professional
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Power point slides
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PIELC panel slides
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Pre-evaluation Form
Evaluation Form

Toxic Trespass Training Material (Spanish)

QEESI (Spanish)

Toxic Trespass Training Material (Vietnamese)

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