ALERT, Gulf Coast and other allies for environmental justice request action from U.S. President

December 27, 2021.  ALERT, Gulf coast community organizations, and other allies for environmental justice sent a letter to President Biden requesting two immediate actions in relation to ongoing dispersant litigation and the associated EPA rulemaking:

1) Order EPA to withdraw its final rule on monitoring of atypical dispersant use, issued on July 27, 2021, before it goes into effect on January 24, 2022; and

2) Order EPA to issue one comprehensive rule in its 2015 proposed rulemaking, on or before May 31, 2023, based on the latest science, i.e., to present.


We believe these actions are critical to preserve the intent and integrity of the EPA rulemaking process and citizen participation in it. The decision on whether atypical dispersant use should even be allowed in the first place awaits a final rule.  The July 2021 rule on monitoring such use is premature and not based on current science. Support for each our requests is provided by a brief history of this rule and examples of key scientific studies that were not considered in this rulemaking (Appendix A and B, respectively). Read the letter here.