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Toxic Trespass Training

Learn how to:

Identify types of oil-chemical hazards in the environment and explain how exposures occur

Explain how these exposures affect health

Recognize symptoms of chemical illness related to oil-chemical exposures

Be able to describe them to a doctor or health care provider

Identify ways to reduce oil-chemical exposures in your environment

Meet the creators of this Training Program!
Meet the creators of this Training Program!

Learn how to gather and organize your health and exposure history and work with your Healthcare Provider to accurately diagnose and treat chemical illness with the Health Advocacy Guide, and screening questionnaire. 

The Toxic Trespass Training was created in, with, and by fence-line and environmental justice communities. Our team worked with an alliance of oil-spill survivors, academics, trained first responders, local residents, and community organizers in Houston, Mobile, and Coden, Alabama. Read the background >>

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