Surviving the BP Oil Spill // Ep. 1 // Louisiana First Responders

Throughout the 10th anniversary month of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, we are hosting a series of live interviews to raise awareness about the ongoing suffering and chronic illnesses of those who lived and worked near the disaster. Studies now show that chemicals used by the government to “clean up” the spill form a toxic cocktail when combined with oil — a mixture far more dangerous than the oil itself.

For our first episode, Dr. Riki Ott hosts first responders — Louisiana residents who were part of the initial response to the 2010 BP oil disaster and who are now suffering from life-threatening illnesses — to demonstrate that current practices in the U.S oil-spill response plan are unsafe and endanger the health of people and wildlife.

Joining us is Sheree, the widow of first responder Frank Stuart who worked the coast and marshes of Louisiana during the spill. She has since held town meetings in coastal Louisiana to compile video stories of other sick workers and families.
Click here to watch Frank’s Story. 

Also joining us is Greg, who was also a first responder working the coast and marshes of Louisiana — and became sickened, as did his wife Jamie from “take-home” exposures.
Click here to listen to Greg and Jamie’s story.